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Master’s Degree in Visual Tools to Empower Citizens

2nd Edition


  • Karma Peiró
  • Xaquín Veira González


  • Anton Bardera Reig

Teaching staff

  • Ricardo Baeza-Yates

    Guest speaker

    PhD in Computer Science. He is director of Graduate Data Science Programs (part-time) at Northeastern University (Silicon Valley) and Full professor in computer science at Universitat Pompeu Fabra. Adjunct professor at the CS department of the University of Waterloo, Canada. He is a member of the AI Advisory Council of Spain. ACM and IEEE fellow.

  • Anton Bardera Reig

    Data visualisation programming

    Anton Bardera holds a degree in Telecommunications Engineering from the Polytechnic University of Catalonia (2002) and a PhD from the University of Girona (2008). He is currently an associate lecturer in the Department of Computer Science, Applied Mathematics and Statistics at the University of Girona. His main fields of research are image processing, visualisation, information theory, and biomedical applications. He has co-authored two books, several articles in indexed journals and papers at international conferences. He is co-founder of the Visualitzation for Transparency Foundation (Vi).

  • Apple Chan-Fardel

    Guest speaker

    Apple Chan-Fardel is an engineer specialising in data visualisation, the creation of user interfaces (design and experience) and machine learning. Between 2015 and 2017, she worked as a data visualisation developer at The Guardian in London. Her projects included being at the forefront of developing the internal visualisation tool.

  • Marc Comas Cufi

    Statistical programming

    Marc Comas holds a degree in mathematics from the Autonomous University of Barcelona and a PhD in statistics and compositional data analysis from the University of Girona (UdG). He currently works as a statistician within the research group of Epidemiology and Vascular Health Research of Girona. He is also an associate lecturer in statistics at the UdG.

  • Artur Galocha

    Guest speaker

    Artur Galocha is a designer, graphics editor, journalist and illustrator. He’s currently a Graphics Editor at The Washington Post. Previously, he worked at El País, Público, El Mundo, Corriere dello Sport and El Correo Gallego. He has been Art director for several publications such as Tentaciones and Cambio16. He is also co-founder of the Retina and Líbero Magazines.

  • Carla Garcia

    Cartography and visualisation

    Carla Garcia is Geographer and has a master's degree in analysis and management of the global environmental change. Her PhD focused on the Catalan coastal systems: their historical evolution and their status. She works at SIGTE (Geographical Information Systems Lab from University of Girona) since 2019 and she is professor in GIS at the Department of Geography of the same university since 2016.

  • Niko Kommenda

    Guest speaker

    Niko Kommenda is a reporter in the Visual Storytelling team, an interdisciplinary group of journalists combining data, design, coding and reporting skills.The team focus on projects where visual elements play an essential role in communicating the story, working on everything from investigations to explainers across the spectrum of news and features. Niko was previously a visual projects editor at the Guardian.

  • Matt Osborn

    Open data engineering and systems architecture

    Matt Osborn is a software engineer with a background in a range of disciplines, including extensive experience in data processing & analysis, data visualization, and interactive web design. He has worked on various web-based dataviz projects and spent some time at The Guardian where he worked on two UK general election live result trackers.

  • Karma Peiró

    Ethics and democratic culture

    Karma Peiró is a journalist specialising in Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) since 1995. She has worked for the main Catalan public and private media outlets, such as La Vanguardia, TV3 or Catalunya Ràdio. She has also served as the director of the leading online newspaper in Catalan, Nació Digital. Her areas of interest include ethics, artificial intelligence, transparency and data activism. She is co-founder of the Visualitzation for Transparency Foundation (Vi).

  • Monica Ulmanu

    Guest speaker

    Monica Ulmanu is a graphic editor for The Washington Post. She joined the Post in 2018 from the Visual team of The Guardian, where she worked as an editor of special projects. She previously worked at Thomson Reuters, The Boston Globe and The New York Times.

  • Xaquín Veira González

    Data visualization design and creative technologies

    Xaquín G.V. is a visual journalist and data visualisation expert. He has worked for El Mundo, The New York Times, National Geographic and The Guardian, where he led the Visuals team. His areas of interest include visual literacy, emotional data communication, and automation of visual narratives.

  • Carlo Zapponi

    Guest speaker

    Carlo Zapponi creates data visualisations for the Cisco analytics team. Before that, he worked at The Guardian, Microsoft/Nokia and Frog Design. In his spare time, he co-authored Visualize News and Soccer. He is passionate about everything that mixes creativity, data and people. The management reserves the right to make changes to the teaching team if any of the teachers are unable to teach their subject for whatever reason, guaranteeing the same level of quality and professional status.

*Management reserves the right to modify the teaching staff, if necessary, to ensure the levels of quality and professional category.